Children's Classes


Ballet - available for girls and boys of Pre-school age upwards.

Pre-school classes include movements, steps & short sequences performed to music or percussion instruments. The emphasis is on developing musicality & co-ordination in a fun environment.

Much of the work is approached through mimetic stories which helps unlock the children’s imagination and contributes greatly to developing expression & performance in dance.

Rosette exams are available from the age of 3. Over the years these have proved an excellent programme to help develop a child’s confidence. The children are entered in small groups and the test is verbally conducted by the teacher or assistant.

Pupils continuing further are prepared for Grade and Medal tests in the I.D.T.A.

Tap & Theatre-craft - available for 4 years and upwards.


Making rhythmic sounds in ‘noisy shoes’ is very appealing to all ages.

Theatre-craft is also taught along side Tap. This subject is beneficial to maintain rhythm and timing and because of the great vocabulary of steps it enhances the tap performance as well as developing many varied musical dance styles.

Acrobatic Dance

A syllabus, available from 4 years upwards, which combines gymnastic feats with dance movements and all set to music. Pupils may take exams in grades and solo, duo, trio & team medals. Enthusiasm in class is highly contagious with most pupils wanting to spend as much time as possible upside-down!

Bounce & Bop / Freestyle / Street - 5 years upwards

Dance to your favourite pop group! Children love this form of dance and within the social atmosphere learning becomes easy and great fun. The children regularly perform at Kenilworth 's Christmas Lights entertainment. Older pupils explore different styles including street & break dancing.

Drama & Musical Theatre Awards - 6 years upwards

Classes explore all aspects of Drama including mime, acting, improvisation, choral speaking, make-up demonstrations and public speaking. Pupils are entered for the I.D.T.A. Musical Theatre Awards which combine the talents of singing, acting & dancing in short excerpts from Musical shows. Pupils perform Concerts and enter the Coventry Drama Festival. They are given the opportunity to sing at the Christmas Lights performance.



L.A.M.D.A. Exams - from any age by arrangement of private lessons only.