I would like to remind all parents that I always endeavour to travel to Kenilworth to teach. When pupils are only attending weekly & working for exams or a show it is vital they receive consistent lessons.

Can I ask that all parents use this website to check for closure. I will make my decision to teach one hour before classes commence (see timetable if you are unsure of hours). Therefore if my landline phone goes to voicemail 1 hour before teaching hours commence then you'll know I'm at the hall in Kenilworth clearing snow and preparing for lessons. 

My Mobile number is to be used for emergency only & whilst teaching I never stop to answer it or reads texts. 

The URC committee try very hard to keep the halls at a temperature satisfactory for us to dance in but heat is lost when people persistently leave the main door wide open and the cold draft carries upstairs. 


I look forward to seeing you in class be it arriving in your wellies! Wet boots must be kept away from the dance area. You may wear additional leggings and school hoodies/sweatshirts plus slipper socks for gym in adverse weather conditions or if the heating is not working to full capacity but hair must always be tied back for safety reasons.
Your teacher will tell you if this is allowed or necessary.

Miss Vicki

Emergency Mobile: 07925 987963