Ballet Uniform for Exam and Class


Ballet - Rosettes & Pre-Juvenile Group Award
royal blue leotard & skirt, pink or white ankle ballet socks, ballet shoes with elastics.

Hairstyle - neatly off face in pony tail or bunches with white or blue ribbons. Note, fringes must not cover eyebrows.

Ballet - Preparatory - Grade 1
royal blue leotard & skirt, regulation pink ballet ankle socks, ballet shoes with elastics

Ballet - Grade 2-Major Performers Awards
royal blue /navy blue/black leotard (from Gr 5) regulation pink ballet tights, ballet shoes with elastics, ribbons may be worn from Gr 6 onwards.
Ankle /leg warmers or warm-up pants may be worn before class only.

Hairstyle - 2 plaits crossed overhead with white ribbons or bun with hairnet.  Short hair worn with hairnet & pink headband. No fringes allowed.

Please ensure ballet shoes are fitted and elastics or ribbons  are sewn on correctly. See diagram or ask your teacher.



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