Code of Conduct


At Daniels Dancing Academy we realise the importance of working together as a team. It is hoped that you will show loyalty to the school and respect for your teachers at all times.

We would like you to wear our school logo on sweatshirts & T-shirts particularly when performing in public.

At class it is important to be disciplined in wearing the correct uniform as stated on the notice board and website. Untidy dress and hair affects the progression of dance technique.

Hair must be tied back for all lessons. Loose hair is a danger to the pupil & fellow classmates. Likewise jewellery & watches are also a safety issue.

Under no circumstances should any pupil chew gum.

Pupils should place rubbish in the bin provided in the changing room & plastic bottles should be rinsed downstairs then placed in the URC recycling bin.

Would all pupils ensure they arrive no less than 10 minutes before the start of their class. Senior & gymnastic pupils should arrive up to 20 minutes before to warm-up sufficiently.

Drama and Intermediate pupils must bring their data files & pens etc to class as notes will be given. Work is mostly sent by email.

Please see that letters are delivered home to parents or emails are filed for future use. Would parents please keep me updated of any changes including email address. All information will be posted on the website.