Uniform for Classes and Exams


In accordance with the International Dance Teachers Association uniform for the seperate dance classes & exams is as follows:


Own clothes may only be worn for the Freestyle classes but it is hoped that pupils will wear our School uniform.
As the colder months fast approach there are still many Hoodies available to buy - see notice board or contact me. 


Any non-regulation clothing must not obstruct the dancers movement or become a safety hazard eg: trousers that are too long!



Must be worn off the face at all times & long hair must be tied back. It is expected that Gr 3 pupils upwards attend class with hair in a bun. A dancers neck line must be seen. Pupils should always bring hair equipment to class. Younger children will often need their hair tidying after a day at school so please allow time to do this when you bring your child to dance class.


Staff reserve the right to exclude pupils from class who are not groomed correctly.


Watches and jewelry are a safety hazard and should not be worn in class.


For exams  please remove any jewelry, tattoos, friendship bracelets, hairbraids, and nail varnish. Wedding rings are allowed unless taking a professional performers exam. 


Earrings must be removed with the exception of any pupil who has just had their ears pierced. In this case the examiner must be told ahead of the pupil's exam otherwise it will be noted on her report and marks will be lost.


NO underwear must be visible so it is advisable not to wear it! Parents are asked to remove their childs underwear before they come to the Hall.